Ameliebot Terms of Service

No longer valid since May 20, 2022

Usage Agreement

By inviting Amelie to your server and using its features, you agree to the following terms and Amelie's Privacy Policy.

Age requirements

By using Amelie and her features you confirm that you are of legal age in your country, Discord has specific minimum age regulations for each country that must be adhered to.

If you are not old enough to use Discord's services, your parent or guardian must agree to Discord's terms on your behalf, by agreeing you can invite Amelie to your server and use her features.

Links to other websites or APIs

Amelie has features that redirect to other websites, including YouTube and Raddit.

We do not partner with these companies, we only use their services. Some features may include APIs from the services to include more information in our messages.

For our images we use the Amelie Image API, this is publicly available and usable, but we do not have any rights to the content and do not share any rights to images or videos.

Suspending or terminating your access to Ameliebot

We have the right to revoke your access to Amelie at any time and for any reason, so that you no longer have access to Amelie and our databases or APIs.

Dysfunction of our security system

Amelie's Safety System warns about users who have shown malware, viruses or other negative behavior in the past, so you can react early and make your server a bit safer.

However, errors can occur, and you may not be warned about users who are actually dangerous because they are not in our database.

We are not to blame for such an incident when users are affected by malware or servers are destroyed.


Amelie is not affiliated with, supported by, or manufactured by Discord Inc.

  • Amelie is not affiliated with YouTube or Google LLC, we only use the YouTube Data API for our webhook.
  • Amelie is not affiliated with Raddit, we only use Raddit's API to offer the Meme, Food, Cats & Dogs command.


You have the possibility to contact us via e-mail [email protected] or use our official Discord support server and create a ticket there